Our Curriculum



●  We provide a meaningful learning environment with an age-specific and anti-bias educational program, delivered by qualified and passionate teachers.
● We help children find the magic in the everyday via positive interactions and relationships.
● Our educators scaffold and support our children and guide their experiences as the co explorer.
● Our programs include life education such as fire safety, oral hygiene and healthy eating. Children explore their feelings and ideas while developing their skills and imagination.
● We acknowledge the original Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of our area, the Gundungurra people, and include their history and current affairs in our learning and service culture.
● We are advocates for the environment and embed sustainability in our service culture.
● Our school readiness program is highly acclaimed in the area.



● We encourage children to become imaginative and inventive thinkers by building on their curiosity about their world. Through the process of drawing, painting, collage and creating, we provide children with an effective means for explaining things to themselves and each other. 
● Visual arts provisions are considered central to multidisciplinary curricula that facilitate children’s processes of meaning-making, communication and play based learning.
● We know that the early childhood years lay the foundation for all future creative learning and development, which is why it is vital to foster that in our early childhood environment.
● Visual arts experiences enhance young children’s learning and development. These include intrinsic motivation, enjoyment, positive attitudes, cognitive problem solving, self-discipline, the development of tools for communication and meaning making and fostering creativity and imagination, to name just a few.



● Our children spend a lot of time outdoors soaking up nature and much needed Vitamin D.
● Our service resides on a one-acre parcel of land, so we have lots of room for children to move.
● The children learn fundamental movement skills such as throwing and catching balls, running, and jumping. They also engage in sports in our back paddock, next to the chickens and vegetable garden.
● We have a purpose-built playground made from natural products like stone and wood. This playground gives the children endless hours of engagement.
● Research shows, on a natural playground, children think more creatively and are much more likely to invent their own games and play more cooperatively.
● Research also shows that there are benefits to children’s mental, physical and spiritual health when they spend time outdoors.